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Our family moved to our traditional New England Farm in 1994. Having spent my life moving around the world, I felt it was important to put down some serious roots for our ten children (yes, you read that correctly). This farm seemed like the perfect spot.

     Nestled in the hills of Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, this farm provided the perfect place to enjoy serenity, privacy and a healthy lifestyle. The mountain views, green meadows and woods, walling us away from the world, just made our hearts sing.

cheeseThe Cheese

Goat cheese is an ever evolving product. Part of the charm of farmstead cheese is the subtle changes in fat content and flavor throughout the milking season of the goats, based on pasture growth, weather and individual lactations. I find my typical following appreciates the seasonal differences and enjoys them. Due to the increasing demand for my goat milk cheeses, including my creamy Camembert, my ashed, mold ripened Valencay and my apple wood smoked buttons, I am hoping to expand, requiring larger processing areas and animal space for a larger herd. I hope that you will enjoy Heart Song Farm's quality cheeses. Please feel free to contact me for special flavors, sizes or suggestions. I always value your input and stand behind my products, hoping to provide your total satisfaction.


"Spring" 2014

Our website is undergoing a substantial revision. Certain links may not work for the time being, pending relaunch.

"Farm Visits"

Unfortunately, due to insurance liabilities we cannot permit visitors to roam freely upon the grounds.
We lead a hectic family life as well as running a business, so we ask that you please call ahead to schedule a visit.
We would hate for you to arrive for a tour and have nobody here to greet you!
Hours of operation: 24/7, 365 days a year (for us). Our Open hours are hit or miss, mostly Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, but we will work to accommodate your plans if at all possible. Just call us at 603-364 GOAT (4628). We look forward to meeting you!

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Check back later in the spring, as our summer market schedule has not be finalized.
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