Best of NH

Our family moved to our traditional New England Farm in 1994. Having spent my life moving around the world, I felt it was important to put down some serious roots for our ten children (yes, you read that correctly). This farm seemed like the perfect spot.

Nestled in the hills of Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, this farm provided the perfect place to enjoy serenity, privacy and a healthy lifestyle. The mountain views, green meadows and woods, walling us away from the world, just made our hearts sing.

Being serious city slickers at the time, we thought we were living dangerously by raising a dozen chicks up to be laying hens. Next, we dared to add a horse, "Cookie," who needed company, soon provided by a Nigerian dwarf goat, "Snickers." Then the horse was happy but the goat seemed lonely so we bought a few dairy goats for him to cuddle with.

The dairy goats had to have babies in order to give milk and those babies were too cute to get rid of…so here we sit with fifty-five "milkers" on line this spring. Although this may seem like a large herd, we know every "girl" by name and personality, as they are all part of our family.

Along the way, in a desperate attempt to use up excess milk, we ventured into raising pigs, making ice cream, yogurt and finally cheese. The cheese became a passion for me.

Over the coming years, I studied the art of cheese making with master cheese makers from around the country and around the world. I now produce a variety of cheeses, both fresh and aged, from the healthiest milk possible in our USDA licensed, Grade A dairy and cheese facility.

We rotationally graze our goats from spring until the snow flies. This keeps our goats and our fields healthy and vigorous. We use no growth hormones or chemicals in our herd, preferring instead to use a good feeding program, fresh air and sunshine.

It is our goal to provide continuity of quality. While we remain true to traditional cheese formulas, we find that goat cheese is an ever-evolving product. There are subtle changes throughout the milking season, based on pasture growth, weather and individual lactations. Crafting fine cheese is a careful blend of science and art.

Every drop of milk is from our own herd of 55 does all born, bred, bottle fed, hand raised and then milked by my family, every twelve hours, 365 days a year. Every ounce of the nearly 15,000 lbs of cheese we produce annually is hand dipped, hand salted and personally packaged, you guessed it, by hand by my family. This earns our farm the right to truly be called a “farmstead” cheese producer.  

We are always trying new recipes and variations and hope that you enjoy them. While it commands a premium price, this cheese is like the custom made sweater versus the department store throwaway. We hope that you will enjoy our handmade cheeses.

Our focus is currently on bulk-sized sales to the “restaurant market,” selling to over 40 establishments throughout NH and Maine. We will ship our cheeses to you in individual sizes, as availability allows. We DO currently sell wholesale into several retailers around New Hampshire. They, and the many restaurants using our cheeses, are listed on our “customer” page.

We are working on arranging  “open farm” days each year to allow folks to see the goats, try the cheese and enjoy the countryside with us! Between home schooling, milking goats, making cheese, raising a family and running the business, time to “visit” is very limited. Please check back for dates and times!  Free to contact us with questions or comments.


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